Sparpaket Waldstraße, englisch / Heft 1-4

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Produktinformationen "Sparpaket Waldstraße, englisch / Heft 1-4"

4 Hefte im Set

Aus der Reihe "In der Waldstraße" in englischer Sprache


Have you met the Millers that live on Willow Lane? There are Tim, Suzy, little Lisa, Mom, Dad and Grandma Mary. Together, they live in a beautiful house very close to the forest and a big playground.

In the series "Life on Willow Lane", you dive into stories about what the Millers are experiencing with Jesus, how they learn to forgive others, to trust God, to be thankful for everything and much more...


For children from 3 to 8 years of age, with many colorful pictures


Enthalten sind:

  • The Sandcastle - Topic: Forgiveness (36 Seiten)
  • The Little Missionary - Topic: Being a Testimony (40 Seiten)
  • The Shopping Trip - Topic: Obedient in Little Things (36 Seiten)
  • The Visit - Topic: Trusting God (36 Seiten)

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